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kids birthday pARTy

There is an Acrylics & Punch version of Acrylics & Wine that is designed for kids. The pARTy is approximately 1 ½ - 2 hours in length for instruction and a small break for dry time. The birthday boy or girl gets to paint for free*. We bring everything to your home or to the place where you have booked your party. You can book a Studo on either a Friday or Saturday evening for an additional charge. This party price includes for every participant an 8 x 10 canvas, easels and all art supplies needed. Our artist Dane will work with your child and guests to re-create the featured painting that your child selected! Acrylics & Wine has a large variety of paintings to choose from, be sure to let us know what theme you are looking for such as funscapes, sports, superheroes, abstract, word art, etc. when booking the party. Each child gets to take home their masterpiece. 

IAcrylics & Punch is great for boys and girls between the ages 5 to 16. Let the birthday kid choose the theme of the painting and they and their friends will all ahve a great time! Contact Dane for more info.

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